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Omaha Bulk T-Shirt Printing Prices

Bulk T-Shirt Printing Pricing



5-10 Shirts:
Per Shirt*
Per Shirt*
10-14 Shirts:
Per Shirt*
Per Shirt*
15-19 Shirts:
Per Shirt*
Per Shirt*
20-24 Shirts:
Per Shirt*
Per Shirt*
25-49 Shirts:
Per Shirt*
Per Shirt*
50+ Shirts:
Per Shirt*
Per Shirt*
100+ Shirts:

Single Shirt Pricing | Bulk Shirt Pricing

*Includes all S-XL Adult Shirts, Youth Shirts, and Onesies. See upcharges for additional costs for other apparel items.

All Graphic Design included. No setup fees.



$3 Upcharge
to each apparel
that is a 2XL-6XL

Tank Tops

$3 Upcharge
to each apparel
that is a tank top


$5 Upcharge
to each apparel
that is a Polo Shirt

Men's Premium

$5 Upcharge
to each apparel that is a Premium Shirt

Women's Premium

$5 Upcharge
to each apparel that is a Premium Shirt

Long Sleeves

$8 Upcharge
to each apparel that is a Long Sleeve


$10 Upcharge
to each apparel that is a Sweatshirt


$15 Upcharge
to each apparel that is a Hoodie

Bulk Shirt Prices icon

Prices for Bulk T-Shirts

Bulk T-Shirt Prices Information:

• The pricing for our bulk t-shirts are listed for single-sided and double-sided prints.

• Bulk pricing starts at five (5) shirts. There is no minimum order for a single printed shirt.

• All of our bulk pricing includes the t-shirts, a session with a graphic designer, and the printing of the t-shirts.

pc61 Group Photo

Bulk Pricing - Single Sided Shirts

Bulk Single Sided T-Shirt Printing icon

To be eligible for a bulk order, all single sided prints must be the exact same design.

Custom shirt orders with multiple different graphic designs are eligible for one bulk order per unique design. There ares some exceptions to this rule, please contact us for more information.

Bulk T-Shirts - Two Sided Shirts

Bulk Double Sided T-Shirt Printing

To be eligible for a two-sided bulk t-shirt order, each piece for apparel must have the same design on one side.

For the alternate side, the design must have a single design style and layout, with minimal changes:

Appropriate Shirt Differences:
• Cha
nging names and numbers on jersey-style shirts, using a single font and color scheme (ie: for sports teams, intermurals, etc)
• Changing names on the left breast of work related shirts (ie: bowling-style or mechanic-style shirts)

Sizes and Styles for Bulk Printing

T-Shirt Sizes and Styles icon

Shirts Included in Bulk Pricing:
Adult Sizes: Small-XL (Colors)
Youth Sizes: Extra Small - XL (Colors)
Toddler Sizes: 2T, 3T, 4T
Onesies: 6mo, 12mo, 18mo (Colors)

- Add $3 per shirt ordered
- Add $3 per shirt ordered
- Add $15 per hoodie
- Add $10 per sweatshirt
- Add $10 per polo
Long Sleeve
- Add $8 per long sleeve shirt

We can special order additional apparel styles and colors for bulk t-shirt printing. Please keep in mind that these colors are not normally stocked and may prevent same day printing from being available.

Bulk T-Shirt Graphic Design

Bulk Graphic Design

The graphic design on your bulk t-shirts is included free of charge with the purchase.

Please see our graphic design page for more information about our designs.

We do have a time limit on design time with our graphic designers. Please have a good idea of your intended shirt theme before visiting the store. Larger bulk orders are eligible for longer design times.

Full Color Printing

Full color printing

At Retro Shirtz, we provide full color garment printing on all in-stock apparel, at standard pricing, with no additonal fees per color.

We do not ever charge for additional print colors in your
t-shirt prints.

We are capable of printing in full photo color on any of your custom shirt orders, including gradients, camouflage, glow effects, metals, and rainbow patterns.

No Minimum Orders

No minumum t-shirt orders

Our print shop does not have a minimum order number for t-shirts or apparel.

Single t-shirt orders are welcome.

Unlike other retailers with 12 shirt minimums promising cheap t-shirts, we can actually deliver on your smaller volume apparel orders.

No Setup Fees

No setup fees icon

Retro Shirtz does not have any sort of setup fee for any of our bulk t-shirts or other apparel.

The bulk pricing you see above is the price you get - there are no hidden fees.

When looking online at other retailers for cheap bulk shirt printing, always check the small print for setup fees and heavy shipping charges. They can often add several dollars per shirt.

Same Day Printing

Same day printing times icon

We typically provide same day printing on most bulk shirt orders.

See our print times page for additional information on same day printing.

We are very very rarely more than a three day wait, even for larger orders. Please keep in mind our apparel inventory. Special order apparel will always take longer, as we must order in the blank apparel from our warehouse, it must be shipped, and then printed.

Price locking image
Bulk price locking icon

Bulk Prices - Price Locking

Retro Shirtz provides a unique t-shirt printing service called bulk price locking. Bulk price locking "locks in" prices for all of your bulk orders. This allows us to print small runs of cheap custom shirts for you or your business!

Once you have purchased a bulk order from our store, we will always charge you that same price per piece of apparel, even if you reorder one piece 12 months from now.

Bulk price locking does not expire, has no minimum order, and covers your previous design on all apparel types.

Our bulk price locking system allows customer to limit their personal inventory of shirts after their initial order. When you are looking for cheap t-shirts to fulfill your own sales needs, look no further than our on demand printing provided by bulk price locking.

Imagine needing one additional t-shirt after you place your order. Or if you ordered 50 shirts, but found out you need one hoodie. Just give us a call, order the apparel, and we will immediately add you to our production schedule for the day - at your original bulk apparel price per piece. You can usually pick it up the same day! Please see our print times page for additional information.

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