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  • 100th Day Of School Shirt Ideas

    100th Day of School Shirt Ideas

    Most American schools open between mid-August and early September. That means the 100th day of school usually rolls around between the end of January and mid-February. It’s a sign that the school year is halfway over and a reason for students to celebrate the arrival of the backend of the school year.

    100th Day Of School Shirt Ideas

    What better way to celebrate this occasion than with a custom T-shirt design? We’ve curated this list of 100 days of school shirt ideas to help you mark this significant milestone in your educational journey.

    I Survived 100 Days

    This print can accompany a Band-Aid design on the T-shirt, expressing recovery from the first half of the year and its toll on your social life and stress levels.

    100 Days of Fun

    Celebrate the fun 100 days of school with an engaging and lively design that reflects the joy of learning.

    Thanks for “Bearing” the last 100 Days

    Add a gummy bear image to the background of this font to make a playful pun that’s absolutely delightful.

    100 Days Popped by in No Time

    Feature an image of a movie popcorn box in the background behind the font.

    100 Winning Days

    Place an image of a raffle or lottery ticket behind the font to show that you’re doing well this year.

    It’s the 100th Day, Donut, You Know?

    Capture an image of a fresh box of donuts on the T-shirt background for a silly play on words.

    100 Days of School is over! Sweet!

    Picture a piece of candy behind the font to show your excitement for reaching the halfway mark of the school year.

    100 Days of Having a Ball for the Last 100 Days

    Select an image of a football or basketball behind the font for school athletes. Or add the school team’s logo to show your support.

    Give Me a Thumbs Up for Surviving 100 Days!

    An image of a thumbs-up emoji encourages engagement with your classmates and spreads good vibes throughout the campus.

    The First 100 Days Were a Piece of Cake

    Add an image of a slice of cake in your school colors behind the font to show your stress-free approach to the back half of the year.

    100 _____ Days

    Leave the space blank to spark your classmates’ imagination. Let them fill in the blank with their own creativity.

    100 Days with (Your Teacher’s Name)

    Add your homeroom teacher’s name and print a portrait of their face on the T-shirt to express your gratitude.

    100 Words I Learned

    Celebrate your expanded vocabulary in the first half of the year by printing them on the front and back of the T-shirt for dramatic effect.

    100 Things I Learned

    Do the same as above but add the lessons you learned during the first half of the school year. Get ideas from your classmates and use them on the T-shirt design to inspire engagement.

    We Can’t Erase the Last 100 Days of Learning

    Add an image of a whiteboard eraser on the front of the shirt behind or below the font to signify your growing knowledge base.

    Gumball Machine-Themed Shirt

    For a sweet and colorful touch, incorporate a gumball machine image into your design, symbolizing the sweetness of reaching the 100th day.

    100 Days with My Best Friends

    Add the names and portrait photos of your BFFs to show your classmates your allegiance to your best buddies.

    100 Rocking Days

    It’s a great T-shirt design for music students. Add an image of your favorite instrument to the T-shirt design and rock out on the 100th day of school.

    “Eye Made It 100 Days”

    Play on words by incorporating a creative “eye” theme into your T-shirt design, signifying your achievement of reaching this milestone.

    100 Days of Pure Genius

    Print a portrait of Einstein with his tongue hanging out to show the funny side of education and inspire learning with your classmates.

    100 Days, 100 LEGO Bricks

    Create a LEGO-themed design with 100 bricks on your T-shirt, showcasing your creativity and celebrating this building block of your education.

    Hip, Hop, Hooray, for the 100th Day

    Print a portrait of your favorite rapper on the T-shirt to show everyone your rhyming skills.

    100 Magical Days at School

    Print a wizard or witch hat behind the font to signify the magical experience of the first 100 days of the school year.

    100th Day of School Shirt Ideas: Crafting Fun and Creativity for the Milestone Day

    These creative T-shirt ideas, featuring googly eyes, pom poms, LEGO bricks, and more, will make your 100th day celebration, and day of school activity memorable and fun.

    Whether you’re celebrating 100 days smarter, showcasing 100 items, or simply bugging your teacher for 100 days, your unique shirt will be a hit on this special day. So, get ready to celebrate the 100th day of school in style, with an eye-catching and creative design!

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