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  • Are T-Shirt Quilts Hard to Make?

    Are T-Shirt Quilts Hard to Make?

    Do you collect t-shirts from concerts, sporting events, and family gatherings? Are you looking for a way to preserve those memories? If you’re looking for a creative way to do this, t-shirt quilts are the way to go! The idea of turning a collection of your favorite tees into a cozy quilt can sound daunting at first. However, with a bit of planning, patience, and this step-by-step guide, you can create a beautiful quilt you will absolutely love.

    Are T-Shirt Quilts Hard to Make?

    T-Shirt Quilts Explained

    A t-shirt quilt is a quilt woven from your favorite t-shirts. Creating a t-shirt quilt consists of:

    • Fabric from shirt pieces in blocks sewn together with sashing (the fabric strips between blocks).
    • Batting (the middle layer that adds warmth)
    • Backing material

    The complexity of your t-shirt quilt can vary depending on the shirt quilt style, quilt pattern, and size.

    Issues with T-Shirt Quilting


    The problem with T-shirt quilting lies in the fabric; it’s stretchy. Most t-shirts feature knit fabric, which allows for stretch and it’s impossible to sew it well without stabilizing the fabric. Otherwise, you’ll likely end up with a wonky seam or a puckered final product.

    Decide on your T-shirt Design

    Planning the layout of your quilt can be a bit more complicated than you think. You’ll need to decide on a block size that works for all your t-shirts and consider the logos or pictures you want to display on your quilt top.

    You need to balance the colors and designs across the whole design for the perfect finished quilt.

    Sentimental Attachment

    It can be quite emotional deciding on which t-shirts you want to part with for your quilt. Some of your trusty t-shirts might have sentimental value to you.

    Be positive about the t-shirts you want to use. There’s no turning back after cutting your shirts and quilting them. Remind yourself that you will have an awesome t-shirt quilt to preserve your memories.

    How To Make The T-Shirt Quilting Process Easy

    Set Your Fabric

    Another option might be to use fusible interfacing on the back of each t-shirt panel. This material stabilizes the fabric so you can easily cut and sew it. Choose a lightweight interfacing so it doesn’t make your quilt too stiff.

    Simplify Your Design

    Now, if you’re new to quilting or sewing, let’s have a look at a simple block design for your quilt. Equally sized blocks are easier to add to the quilt than more complicated shapes. Play with the orientation and arrangement of the blocks.

    Use the Appropriate Tools

    Make the quilt fabrication easier and more accurate by using the correct tools.

    • Cut the blocks with a high-quality rotary cutter, mat, and clear acrylic ruler
    • Using a walking foot on your sewing machine does a great job of preventing the layers from stretching and bunching up while you sew
    • Take your time, rushing with the work leads to mistakes, particularly when working with stretchy t-shirt fabrics

    Take your time at every stage of the process, from laying out the plan to making the final stitch.

    Rise to the Challenge & Make Your T-Shirt Quilt!

    Working with t-shirts to make a quilt can be a pain, but it’s doable with the proper techniques and tools. It may be labor-intensive, but when finished, it’s worth the effort.

    Just think how snug and secure you’ll feel wrapped up in your quilt, with each t-shirt square being a memory of some special part of your life.

    Grab those old t-shirts and get ready for a fulfilling crafting adventure!

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