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  • Branding and Marketing: What is More Important?

    Branding and Marketing

    For business owners trying to get the word out about their products and services, there are a number of different factors to consider. Two key aspects of their promotion for example are branding and marketing. But how are these two things the same? Furthermore, how are they different? Which is more important?  Lastly, how do you find the right balance of both?

    Defining Branding and Marketing

    To many, the terms branding and marketing might seem interchangeable. The truth though, is that there is a big difference between these two concepts.

    Your branding is the way that you choose to present yourself and your business to the world. That means the logo you choose, the mission statement that you present, and the common aspects of your products and your services.

    Brand essentially provides a way for your potential customers to identify you, while at the same time communicating what you’re all about.

    In contrast, marketing is  about putting that brand out there so that it is seen by the maximum number of people possible, and so that it is understood by those people.

    What Matters More?

    So with that in mind, you could argue that the branding is more important than the marketing, simply because you use marketing as a way to communicate your branding.

    A strong brand should in itself help to explain and evoke the purpose of your business. Everything from your logo, to your website design, to the way you advertise will all communicate something about your business. Specifically, this should help to sell your value proposition and the emotional hook behind what you offer. At the same time, it should communicate who your branding is aimed at, and who your ideal customer is. In a perfect world, someone visiting your site will know instantly if it is right for them and whether they might be interested in your products.

    The job of your marketing is then to ensure that you show this branding and communicate that same sentiment to as many targeted visitors as possible. That means running ad campaigns, competitions, sponsorships, and more in order to find the right market for the message that you’re promoting.
    Still though, this doesn’t mean that marketing isn’t important. Once you HAVE the logo, you need to ensure the right people are seeing it. One of the most effective ways to do that, is by using commercial products like branded t-shirts. This lets people engage with your brand by wearing it – identifying them as fans. What’s more, is that it will ensure that more and more people see it everywhere they go!

    Retro Shirtz Custom Bulk T-Shirts Printing near Regency inside Westroads Mall in Omaha

    At Retro Shirtz we understand the importance of logo design. So we provide free graphic design, including free logo design with all standard custom shirt orders.

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