Running Out of Elf on the Shelf Ideas?

Elf on the Shelf is a Christmas tradition that many families get right into over the holidays. Although it falls in the category of a modern festivity that has only been around since about 2005. Many households have been inspired by the Elf on a Shelf children’s book, created by Carol V Aebersold.

The tradition dictates that the “elf on a shelf” is pictured doing something uncharacteristic, mischievous, or funny – and the ideas can come from anywhere. Ideas range from family-friendly for certain households to risque ones for others. Are you running out of Elf on-the-shelf ideas? Keep reading to discover easy Elf on the Shelf ideas to use this holiday season.

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The Best Kids Halloween Costume Ideas for 2023

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays each year. United States census data reports that approximately 73.1 million kids were reported trick-or-treating in 2021 – and for this year, the number of estimated trick-or-treaters could be even higher. Dressing up the kids this October? Here are some of the best Halloween costume ideas for kids in 2023.

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Do You Dress Up For Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving can be one of the best times of the year for family get-togethers. Thanksgiving can also be a confusing time for the customer or cosplayer, and generally a weird time for anyone else who doesn’t know how to dress up for a party to that they have been invited. Is anyone going to judge you if you show up to the Thanksgiving party dressed as a turkey – what if they’ll judge you if you don’t?

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What Are Easy Mother’s Day Gifts?

Mothers mean so much and do so much for their children. In today’s hectic pace of life, Mother’s Day is a perfect reminder that mothers deserve that extra time and effort on a special day. Mother’s Day is also a time for moms and dads to honor their moms who are now perhaps grandmas. With budget and time constraints in mind, the following Mother’s Day gifts are sure to make your mom smile, without creating a stressful situation for dad!

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Occasions That Call for Matching Shirts

There is powerful group psychology that manifests when a group is wearing the same color or branded T-shirt, golf, or tennis shirt. Just look at the fans sitting in the stands of football games and soccer matches. Nowadays, it’s not just athletic occasions that require us to sport matching shirts or uniforms. They are also not just for identical twins to look cute in – or to confuse us about who is who. Nor are matching shirts to distinguish between the wait staff and patrons in a busy restaurant. Matching shirts not only create a sense of identity but also create a sense of belonging.
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Creative Gift Ideas With No Shipping Needed

More often than not, the easiest gift to give a kid is cash in their bank. It doesn’t go out of style, doesn’t need washing and ironing, and won’t clutter their bedroom. However, there is no guarantee of happiness when we are speaking about teenagers. Here are some meaningful, no shipping needed creative gift ideas to consider this holiday season.

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