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  • Classic Halloween Costumes For Every Age

    Halloween Costumes

    Halloween is just around the corner and that means costumes, candy, and haunted houses galore! While there are plenty of character options to choose from, sometimes the classics end up being the best choice. If you are looking for some classic Halloween costumes that work for every age, our list is a great place to start.

    Classic Halloween Costumes For Every Age

    Cartoon Characters

    Cartoon characters are some of the most classic options out there that people of all ages can wear on Halloween. From Tom & Jerry or the Flintstones to Dora the Explorer and Kim Possible. No matter what type of costume you want to wear, there is a cartoon option in your size available. The great thing about dressing up as a cartoon character is that you can leave the scary vibe behind and make the holiday light and fun!

    Clown Costumes

    When it comes to clowns, there are two types of people, those who love them and those who hate them. What is great about this classic idea is that you can make a scary clown like Pennywise from Stephen King’s IT, or you can have a lovable happy character from your local circus. The great thing about clowns is that you can dress up as one no matter what your age may be. They are also affordable and easy to customize. All you need is a bright red nose, some colorful clothes, and a bright puffy wig to top off the look.

    Witch Costumes

    Witches come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and ages. There are good witches, bad witches, cute witches, and even witch hybrids. In fact, to date witch costumes remain the most popular classic option on the market in just about every age group. You can put your own twist on this classic idea by emulating a witch from your favorite TV show or ripping one straight from the pages of your favorite book. If you are looking for a more classic iteration, you can also dress up in a historically accurate witch costume instead.

    Pirate Costumes

    Pirates of the Caribbean may have given this costume idea a refresh. However, pirates have been a classic character option for as long as Halloween has been around. Aside from Halloween, people even dedicate other days to dressing and speaking like a pirate in celebration of this timeless character. You can dress kids and adults alike as rowdy buccaneers of the high seas. You can choose a modern outfit like Jack Sparrow, or you can draw from older myths such as Blackbeard and Anne Bonny. With a few props and a toy bird to perch on your shoulder, this costume option is a great choice for anyone in your family.

    Angel & Devil Costumes

    Devil and angel costumes are probably the ultimate classic costume choice for Halloween participants of all ages. Angels are perfect for those looking for a lighthearted way to enjoy the festivities and can be worn by children and adults alike. Devils are equally easy to create and can trend towards scary or comical depending on your mood. Both ideas are easy to customize to meet your needs, age, and body shape as well. They also make a great couples costume.

    Vampire & Werewolves

    Both werewolves and vampire lore have been around just as long as Halloween. For classic costumes that any age group can wear, these two options are near the top of the list. Vampire costumes can be very formal and fashionable. Meanwhile, werewolf costumes can go the scary route. dress them up to be refined monsters or you can go the scary or funny route. For very creative families you can even pit the two sides against each other to play out their lifelong rivalries all through Halloween night.

    Whether you’re trick-or-treating or getting ready for a grown-up Halloween party, no matter which options you choose, these classic costume ideas are sure to be a hit. For more easy Halloween costume ideas, visit our store inside Westroads Mall.

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