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  • Create Amazing Bachelorette Party Custom Shirts

    Bachelorette party custom shirts

    Bachelorette parties are great fun, and they’re a great way to welcome a new phase of someone’s life with a bang. There are a few elements that are essential to every bachelorette party that’s ever been planned (such as the music!), although one of the most important things are often overlooked, and that’s gifts.

    Create Amazing Bachelorette Party Custom Shirts

    Shirts make for one of the best possible bachelorette party gifts you can imagine – and if you have a party coming up, you can daily make your own custom shirts at home with any design that you want.

    Here’s how to create amazing Bachelorette party custom shirts for your next event.

    Why Create Bachelorette party Custom Shirts?

    Gifts are a party essential, and gifts at a bachelorette party can go two ways: Either as a gift to the lucky bachelorette or as a gift to the guests for them to remember the occasion forever. Shirts are cheap to make, will last for years – sometimes even decades – and make for one of the best custom gifts you can imagine.

    Options for Custom Shirt Creation

    Printing an image onto transfer paper and ironing it to a shirt is by far the easiest way to make a custom t-shirt – and it doesn’t even take a lot of time to pull off. All you need is a little bit of creativity and five minutes of your time to turn any shirt into a custom design.

    The most important thing when you do this is to remember that the end-product is only as good as the base shirt you’re using for the project; Use only high-grade quality material shirts for your design, or risk seeing your creation fall apart in front of your eyes far too soon. Also, keep sizes in mind – either choose a general size, or know your guests very well.

    Omaha Shirts & Retro Shirtz

    At Retro Shirtz we understand the importance of logo design. So we provide free graphic design, including free logo design with all standard custom shirt orders.

    Our free graphic design services include:

    • suggesting and implementing fonts
    • changing the colors and layout of the fonts, and our team’s excellent skills at creating custom image assets.

    Complex Logo Designs

    Complex logo designs, such as drawing very complex new art assets from scratch are not typically covered in the free design services. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or stop by our store. Our expert logo maker team will happily discuss a logo design!


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