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  • How To Design Custom Company T-Shirts

    design Custom Company T-Shirts

    So you have an office with a handful or even a few hundred staff. Now, you need to design custom company t-shirts to really make your mark on the corporate world.

    How To Design Custom Company T-Shirts

    That may sound dramatic, or cheesy, but creating custom company T-shirts are a great way to get your name out there. In addition, passing out company t-shirts to your staff can boost morale and create a sense of unity among your team.

    Why Create Company T-shirts?

    Company T-shirts started in the late 1950s in Florida of all places. Many local resorts decided to place advertisements on their shirts for their staff to wear while interacting with guests. That trend has evolved but also remained the same in more than 70 years later. No matter what size company you have, creating company T-shirts is a great way to promote your brand and also visually identify your staff in a commercial setting. You can even hand out company T-shirts to your customers as a way to promote your brand while also giving them a perk for their loyalty.

    Tips On Designing Your Company T-shirts

    If you are not sure where to start when it comes to designing a company T-shirt, don’t worry, we have you covered. We will teach you how to create an innovative design that will result in a unique company T-shirt in just a few simple steps.

    Understand Your Purpose

    Start by thinking about why you want to design custom company T-shirts, to begin with. Do you plan to use them as a marketing tool to get your brand in front of new clients? If so, your design will need to serve as a walking advertisement. It will be important to have a strong image that leaves a lasting first impression.

    Perhaps you plan to give them as gifts to clients or partners. In this case, you will want a more refined design with a higher focus on fabric and construction. Employee perk? Company T-shirts are a great way to make uniforms more fun while also creating a sense of unity with immaculate designs. Once you understand your purpose, think about your branding image. Aim for an attractive design that falls in line with the ideals of your company.

    Decide On Your Budget & Timeline

    It is important to decide how much you want to spend per shirt and how soon you want your order completed. Both will affect the price and the quality of your final product. The more shirts you order, the lower your overall cost will be, even if your company wants to invest in a costly design or fabrics.

    The small details such as color printing, cut, and even size variation will all affect the cost per shirt figures. The bigger your budget, the better company shirt you will get, but that doesn’t mean that smaller budgets are stuck with poor quality shirts. Make sure that you have a general idea about when you need your company t-shirts, but make sure your dates have a bit of flexibility built-in.

    Print Carefully

    Once you settle on the perfect style and design an attractive logo or image for your company t-shirts, now you need to choose the right printer. No matter how careful you are in the earlier steps, your t-shirt dreams can be dashed with the wrong printing options. For budget shirts, screen printing is the go-to option.

    Vinyl graphics are a durable method of printing that is best for detailed images you don’t want to let fade. Direct-to-garment printing is one of the most affordable and trendy options in the market. Designs are applied directly to the fabric with inkjet printing.

    Communicate Your Ideas Properly

    Company t-shirt design is part of knowing what you want to communicate and getting those ideas across effectively. Brainstorm with your management team or even your employees to get feedback on your proposed designs and company t-shirt choices. Don’t just go with the easy or the obvious, make a point of setting your company apart from your competition.

    Pick a shirt style that not only compliments your design but one that brings something new to the table. No matter what you end up designing, make sure that you choose a quality supplier. Nothing will ruin your brand or even your staff morale quicker than t-shirts that fall apart after the first wash.

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