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  • Do You Dress Up For Thanksgiving?

    Do You Dress Up For Thanksgiving?

    Thanksgiving can be one of the best times of the year for family get-togethers. Thanksgiving can also be a confusing time for the customer or cosplayer, and generally a weird time for anyone else who doesn’t know how to dress up for a party to that they have been invited. Is anyone going to judge you if you show up to the Thanksgiving party dressed as a turkey – what if they’ll judge you if you don’t?

    Here’s the real answer to how you should handle dressing up for thanksgiving dinner parties.

    Do You Dress Up For Thanksgiving?

    The answer according to most of the internet and typical tradition is yes.

    Most people dress up for thanksgiving parties, but that still doesn’t answer the real question that most people have. This close to Halloween, there are plenty of costume parties around thanksgiving too – but at the same time, there are not.

    The best way to know is to ask about the Thanksgiving dinner dress code.

    Formal, Casual, or Costume?

    The average party is split up into three categories: formal, casual, and costume. Most parties that you are invited to around this time of the year, might fall into any one of these three categories.

    Casual parties are reserved for close friends and family. Formal parties are any events where you might see your parents or colleagues. Costume parties are (usually though not always) formally announced in the invitation or event.

    Make sure that you always have a backup plan, no matter what you think you have to prepare for. The backup plan can stop a lot of embarrassment and potential planning problems associated with parties around Thanksgiving.

    How Do You Know What to Wear?

    If you aren’t sure whether a party is going to be casual or formal, you should ask. If you think that it might be the kind of party where a costume is required or likely, we definitely recommend asking the host.

    There’s no way to know what kind of party you’re going to unless you’ve asked, or the invitation tells you.

    Don’t put it down to guesswork and show up in a turkey suit when everyone else is wearing a casual thanksgiving outfit.

    What Should You Wear?

    What you wear is solely up to you, your style, your clothes, and your budget. Casual means, not a suit, and not a costume. Formal dress means, likely, suits and dresses.

    If you’re preparing for a costume party, remember to ask if there’s an overwhelming theme. If everyone goes to the party dressed as Star Trek characters and you don’t know that, sadly, you probably shouldn’t show up as a turkey.

    Inspiration for outfit ideas and fun fall fashion can be found anywhere, including through your favorite social media channels such as Instagram and Pinterest.

    Consider pop culture as a potential inspiration for your next Thanksgiving costume. There’s no rule that says you can’t choose a costume just about as way out as you would for Halloween – except, of course when the invitation says you should wear a dress or suit.

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