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  • Easy, Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

    Easy, Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

    A last-minute Halloween costume is almost never the plan for the year, but it happens to thousands of hopeful trick-or-treaters and Halloween party attendees during the month of October. DIY, last-minute, easy Halloween costumes don’t have to be a nightmare. With just a few simple tips, you can still create a fantastic, knock-out Halloween costume in a hurry. Let us help you turn heads with these fun, easy, last-minute Halloween costume ideas.

    Easy, Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

    What counts as a last-minute Halloween costume?

    Last minute tends to mean something different for everyone. While some last-minute planning can happen three days before Halloween, your specific kind of last-minute planning might be more (or less) time than this.

    In fact, some last-minute Halloween costumes can be put together a few hours before an event.

    Last-Minute Halloween Costume Tips

    Before we get to some costume suggestions, here are three ways to find a Halloween costume if you’re in a time crunch.

    1. Look Around You

    The best answer to a last-minute, DIY Halloween costume can often be found right around you. If you’re lost for costume ideas, look through your own cupboards first for some inspiration.

    Most people have something in the house that they can either use or adapt to make the perfect Halloween costume. If you can sew, you have even more options.

    2. Raid Vintage Things

    If you’re going through clothing items that you could modify for a Halloween costume, then you don’t have to stop at just your closet. Raid through vintage clothing items and accessories as well. Take some inspiration from a previous generation or two to get your costume game on.

    You literally never know what you might find!

    Visit thrift stores, too: a lot of cool stuff is usually hiding out here.

    3. The Speed Delivery Option

    If you have a few days to prepare for a Halloween costume, don’t forget that websites like Amazon often have speed delivery (two-day delivery or even same-day delivery) as an option. If you see the perfect accessory or costume online, always check out their delivery options to see how soon it will get to you.

    Easy, Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

    If all you have to prepare for a Halloween party in a few hours, you can still pull together a fantastic costume that raises old ideas right from the dead to turn heads.

    Here’s how to pull together three easy, last-minute Halloween costumes.

    1. Jason Voorhees

    Jason Voorhees is one of the easiest Halloween costumes of all time, especially if you have a large coat and a hockey mask in the house. Accessorize the basic Jason costume up and down with whatever you like, or have at home, down to fake blood stains!

    2. The Vampire

    Vampires are a horror classic. Who doesn’t enjoy the classic Halloween vampire costume? Vampires can be anything, from classic Victorian to modern and toothy. The versatility of the vampire costume makes it perfect for your easy, last-minute Halloween costume.

    3. The Grand Zombie

    If vampires aren’t your thing, then choose another creature from the classic canon of horror. How about zombies? You can create the perfect zombie costume with face paint and a few accessories. Don’t overcomplicate your zombie costume. Whatever you think fits, goes.

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