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  • What Are Easy Mother’s Day Gifts?

    Mother’s Day Gifts

    Mothers mean so much and do so much for their children. In today’s hectic pace of life, Mother’s Day is a perfect reminder that mothers deserve that extra time and effort on a special day. Mother’s Day is also a time for moms and dads to honor their moms who are now perhaps grandmas. With budget and time constraints in mind, the following Mother’s Day gifts are sure to make your mom smile, without creating a stressful situation for dad!

    What Are Easy Mother’s Day Gifts?

    DIY Mother’s Day Gift Options

    During school holidays or weekends, try the following affordable and creative DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas.

    Mason Jar Candles

    Mason jar candles only take around 15 minutes to make. Homemade candles are a fun gift that children and grandchildren can make with a little help from dad. Most of the ingredients and tools can be found at art supply stores, and aren’t too difficult to find.

    How to Make a Mason Jar Candle
    1. Begin by applying a drop or two of hot glue to secure the base of the candle wick to the center of the jar. Use a wick holder to help hold the wick in place.
    2. Melt approximately one pound of soy wax flakes and wax colorant. Note: The colorant will appear much darker in liquid form than it does when it cools and sets.
    3. Add fragrance oil (Mom’s favorite fragrance) and slowly stir to mix.
    4. Carefully and gently pour the hot wax into the jar with the help of an adult.
    5. Allow the candle to sit until it completely cools and solidifies – overnight for the best results.
    6. You will see that the candle begins cooling at the bottom, and the color is a lot lighter than it looked when it was melted.
    7. Decorate the jar with ribbon, glitter, or paper hearts.

    Lip Scrub

    Lip scrubs are a necessity for keeping mom’s lips moisturized and exfoliated. They are also easy to make!

    How to Make A Homemade Lip Scrub
    1. First, melt coconut oil, by placing it in the microwave for 15 seconds. Continue with intervals of 5 to 10 seconds if it does not completely melt after the first round.
    2. In a bowl, add honey, brown sugar, vanilla, and melted coconut oil. Mix to combine.
    3. Scoop the mixture into small, 4 oz glass jars. Leave the lip scrub for a few hours to solidify.
    4. Once solidified, mix with a spoon as the coconut oil will rise to the top and separate. Note: If your scrub is overly runny, move it to a cooler place to assist the coconut oil in re-solidifying.
    5. Tie a beautiful ribbon around the top of the jar, and you are all set!

    Tip: Buy glass jars that have a beautiful lid or a cork lid.

    Easy, Affordable, and Short of Time Mother’s Day Gifts

    Helpful Hand

    Do a chore for your mom. Consider offering to do something she dislikes doing. Make several ‘Chore Coupons’ you know will make her life easier, that she can use at her discretion.


    Take your mom out for a picnic, should the weather allow. Prepare your favorite snacks and drinks to share. She’ll surely enjoy the gift of spending time together.

    Cook or Prepare a Meal

    Make your mom her favorite breakfast, lunch, or dinner at home, including a dessert she might like.

    Shower Steamers

    Give her a set of shower steamers (or more than one set) that will turn the ordinary daily shower into a special experience. When she positions the steamer in the corner of a running shower, it will emit scents of lavender, eucalyptus, or whatever essential oil mom enjoys. You can find shower steamers for $20 on Amazon.

    “What I love about mom…”

    Set aside a few minutes to reflect on all the moments you have shared together over the years. The Uncommon Goods site sells a beautiful `What I love about mom’; fill in the blanks book, that is both affordable and unique. There are also other unique, affordable gifts available on the site.

    Inspiring Quotes/Bible Verse Cards

    Amazon sells 80 Bible Verse Cards for Renewing Hope, Finding Peace, and Uplifting Others. When she needs inspiration, she can take a card from the pack and enjoy some inspiring Biblical wisdom.

    It’s the Thought That Counts

    May your gift-making and shopping experiences be happy with these Mother’s Day gift ideas. Remember, on Mother’s Day, it’s really the thought that counts.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers, Stepmothers, and Grandmothers!

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