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  • Family Matching Shirts Ideas

    family matching shirts

    Matching shirts are now more than just being about “His” and “Hers” as the whole family can wear them. Family shirts should be fun to design, fun to wear, and a positive experience for the entire family. Of course, they will be none of the above if they are forced on partners and offspring. While the family is attending WWE wrestling, mom may not be quite so taken with the idea of the “I Love The Undertaker” text on her chest. Similarly, selectively moody teens could choose to make life miserable after the event or occasion has passed, and for a long time to come.

    Family Matching Shirts Ideas

    Family Benefits

    These days it’s about using special and social occasions to build a connection between family members. This starts with the fun of choosing matching shirts, either with the same slogan or variances, and the color. A quick look at Instagram – ask a teenager to show you what that is- will reveal that matching family shirts are currently trending – that means they are fashionable. In fact, they are being worn by celebrities and people called influencers. One of the main benefits of matching shirts is that there is room for individual expression. Provided that the colors are the same or at least match, teenagers can choose what they want their shirt to say, in line with the event or theme.


    Here are some basic ideas to get your family’s creative juices flowing and spark the collective imagination.

    Halloween: Single label “Trick”, “Treat”

    New Baby: Boss (Dad), Real Boss (Mom), Baby Boss (Baby)

    Concerts, Sporting Events, & Beach: Same color high visibility shirts.

    Christmas: “Good Elf” or “Santa’s Little Helper”

    4th of July: “Proudly American” or “USA Born n Bred”

    Thanksgiving: “Grateful to Be Here”

    The Movies: Matching or same theme Star Wars shirts for the new episode.

    Steakhouse Night: “Nice to Meat U”

    Birthday: “Team 60” for a sixtieth birthday or any other milestone.

    Paintball: Create a uniform with a team logo and motto. Perhaps just not “death to the enemy.”

    Camping & Caravanning: Wearing matching family shirts will help other campers to recognize your family members and your campsite. If one of you gets lost, they will know where to escort you to.

    Family Portrait: If taking a family photo is or is going to be an annual event, wear different colored or themed matching family shirts every year.


    Matching family shirts are not always appropriate. They are probably not the most appropriate attire for weddings and are certainly off-color for funerals and divorce hearings one would think. Your teenager’s high school graduation ceremony or college commencement ceremony is a definite no-no unless you plan on never speaking to your children again.

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