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  • Fantasy Football T-Shirt Ideas

    fantasy football

    Over 50 million people play fantasy football — and that’s in the United States alone! It is easy to become addicted to this virtual gaming world, which requires a competitive spirit, business acumen, knowledge of real-world sports, and a lot of skill. While some of the most dedicated players are in it to win “real life” money in leagues tied to “offline” football, many gamers enjoy the fun with their friends and avoid the betting aspects of the game.

    Fantasy Football T-Shirt Ideas

    Both groups are bound to welcome the opportunity to show their passion off in much the same way that real-life sports fans would — by proudly wearing t-shirts displaying their leagues. Are you a fantasy football player hoping to have some cool t-shirts printed for you and your mates? Or, do you want to earn a nice side income through platforms like Etsy or Red Bubble? If you choose to cater to fantasy sports players, you’ll be looking for the best custom t-shirt ideas.

    The Guiding Principles Behind T-Shirt Logo Design

    The most successful brand-based t-shirt designs — yes, that includes your fantasy football design — adhere to a few key principles. The design will be simple, conveying the message with one easy look. The design should also capture the essence of the brand it represents.

    In the case of fantasy t-shirts, that means that the design should cause fellow gamers to light up with recognition, while perhaps drawing curious “noobs” into the exciting virtual world of football. The design should look equally good in multiple sizes, and be friendly to colorblind people. If a variety of colors are used, they should complement each other.

    Ideas to Play Around With

    Who says you have to be limited to just one t-shirt idea? Try these on for size:

    • The simplest fantasy football design idea would be one that simply displays the league’s logo and name. An example of this might include “Fantasy Football” emblazoned across the top.
    • You can’t go wrong with popular memes, like “they tried to take my fantasy football trophy… so I decided to take it to their funeral” or “I don’t always make it to the playoffs… just kidding, yes I do”. You’ll want to artfully execute the right meme format, of course.
    • “I suck at fantasy football” t-shirts remain very popular — we wonder why, but top players will definitely enjoy these, too.
    • On the other end of the humility scale, you can opt for t-shirts with attractive designs that read “fantasy football pro” (or “legend”).
    • T-shirts displaying the gamer’s wins will also do very well.
    • In case anyone was still wondering, print a t-shirt that declares that fantasy football is a sport… because it is.

    Solopreneurs and businesses hoping to make fantasy players happy with quality t-shirts should consider the demographics of the sport. Around 80 percent of fantasy players are male. Female players makeup around 20 percent and are growing stronger every day. Many are working professionals who will not settle for cheap prints on synthetic t-shirts. Instead, they want the best fantasy football t-shirts money can buy.

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