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  • How Do You Celebrate Spooky Season?

    How Do You Celebrate Spooky Season?

    Are you a fan of the spooky season? When “Devils Night” and Halloween roll around, you can sense the excitement in every neighborhood across America. Kids are bursting to get out on the streets for some trick-or-treating fun, and your neighbors start decorating their homes. But how do you celebrate the spooky season?

    How Do You Celebrate Spooky Season?

    If you’re short on ideas, try these classic Halloween activities to celebrate the spooky season this year.

    Wear a Costume

    Wearing a Halloween costume is one of the fun things kids (and some adults) love about Halloween. It doesn’t take much to participate.

    You could do something as simple as tossing an old white bedsheet over you, cutting out a few eyeholes, and presto! You’re Casper, the Friendly ghost.

    Make your costume design as intricate as you like; your imagination is your only limitation!

    Carve a Jack ‘o Lantern

    What’s Devil’s Night and Halloween without a Jack o’ Lantern? That’s Xmas without the tree. Carving out a pumpkin is a fun activity for adults and kids.

    Go to the pumpkin patch and pick out the perfect pumpkin to carve the weekend before the event or on the morning of Devil’s Night.

    Use a sharp knife to cut the face, but make sure you watch the kids while they do it. The last thing you need is a trip to the emergency room with real blood rather than fake stuff.

    Stock Up on Treats

    Trick or treat is the highlight of every kid on Halloween. If you’re a homeowner, you can avoid the neighborhood kids TP-ing your home or tossing eggs on your front door by keeping a fresh stock of candy for the little terrors.

    Go to Costco and buy in bulk; it’s cheaper than the local grocery store. Prep bags of sweet treats for the kids and hand them out as they arrive.

    Tell Ghost Stories around the Firepit

    If you have a fire pit in the yard, light it on Halloween and settle in for a night of scary stories by the fire. Something about fire light makes a ghost story seem extra spooky.

    If you’re short on stories, visit the “MrBallen” YouTube channel, he’s got loads of cool spooky stories you can share with the kids to keep them up all night.

    If you don’t have a fire pit, consider starting a bonfire – just keep it away from trees and your home.

    Participate in Neighborhood Decorations

    Decorating your home gets you in sync with the neighborhood, creating a spooky wonderland for the kids. Check online for cool house Halloween decorations that accentuate the theme of the spooky season.

    We love the projector systems that cast apparitions on the walls of your home, giving kids the impression you live in a haunted house.

    Host a Scary Movie Marathon

    Everyone loves a scary movie on Halloween; it’s a right of passage for many American kids to get scared out of their wits as they watch their first horror flick.

    Be careful about the Halloween movies you choose and remember to consider age restrictions. The last thing you want to do is screen “A Nightmare on Elm Street” for a bunch of 8-year-olds – they’ll never sleep again.

    Here are some top choices for family-friendly Halloween films.

    • The Addams Family.
    • Beetlejuice.
    • The Corpse Bride.
    • The Nightmare Before Christmas.
    • Halloweentown.
    • Hotel Transylvania.
    • Coraline.
    • The Halloween Tree.

    Tour a Haunted House

    Do you have a haunted house in your neighborhood? There are thousands of these spooky properties scattered across the United States.

    Check if there’s one near you and organize a tour for the family on Halloween night – it will be a real screamer for the kids.

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