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  • How Do You Generate AI Art?

    How Do You Generate AI Art?

    Artificial intelligence (AI) has made enormous strides over the last few years. We’ve reached a point where nearly anyone can rely on the power of AI to generate unique — and often inspiring — artwork. Creating AI-generated art isn’t quite as easy as it sounds, though. Humans and machines have to work together to generate results consumers can genuinely enjoy. Yes, that means you have to learn to speak the AI’s language to get the results you’re after. How can you create AI art?

    How Do You Generate AI Art?

    Keep these tips in mind before you start experimenting and creating images with AI art generator apps.

    1. Picture the Kind of Art You Want to Create

    Artificial intelligence generates art based on text prompts that users offer it — a process called prompt engineering. In plain English, that means you have to write a short but precise description of the kind of art you would like the AI to come up with. Picturing the kind of art you want to create gives you the best odds of creating an effective description the AI generator model can understand.

    Think, for instance, “teenage girl hanging laundry” or “a jar of pickles.”

    2. Decide Which Artist the AI Should Imitate

    Artificial intelligence art platforms may offer interesting results solely based on prompt engineering. However, if you have a specific art style in mind, letting the AI image generator know can get you closer to the image you pictured. Try “a jar of pickles by van Gogh” or “teenage girl hanging laundry renaissance,” for example.

    3. Add Keywords to Guide the Art-Generation Process

    People who are new to artificial intelligence art will find the first two steps intuitive. However, it is likely that they don’t know that you can further guide the AI art generation process by adding adjectives and other keywords.

    Words that guide your results include “solemn,” “high-resolution,” “minimalist,” “gritty,” “2D,” and “festive,” to name a few examples. Adding these qualifiers has a huge impact on the final AI-generated artwork.

    4. Prepare to Tweak Your Keywords Until You Get the AI Art You Want

    AI art generators can deliver amazing results — but don’t expect an AI art generator to spit out the next masterpiece after your first attempt. Don’t give up if you’re disappointed by the art the artificial intelligence renders. Just keep tweaking your prompt. Think about clearer, or at least different, ways to describe the artwork you want the AI to create for you, and keep going until you are happy.

    AI Art: What’s Next?

    With the right software, you just need to write a single sentence to earn yourself an AI artwork. Its quality depends on how well you understand the AI’s capabilities and limits. Continuous experimentation is the best way to learn how an artificial intelligence art generator works and how you can get it to generate the images you desire.

    While artificial intelligence art generators like MidJourney, Dall-E 2, or Wombo Dream may be able to generate impressive art right now, the software is still in its infancy. Give it a few years, and human-AI teamwork may become the norm in digital art. You get a head start by exploring what AI can do now!

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