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  • How To Start An eSports Team


    Are you finally feeling ready to bring your eSports dream team to fruition? Whether you’re an investor, brand manager, or simply a player wanting to dive in deeper, starting your own team gives you ultimate freedom and control. Let’s go over the basic steps on how to start your own esports team.

    How To Start An eSports Team

    What are eSports?

    Let’s briefly define and break down eSports before we jump into the ins and outs of what it takes to start a team. Basically, if video games and competitive sports had a baby, you’d be left with an eSports child. Esports teams are organized groups competing in multiplayer games. According to Squad Locker, some of the most valuable skills in being successful in these games include sportsmanship, communication, social environment, and critical thinking. Teamwork, collaboration, social skills, entrepreneurship, having a sense of community, and being able to think on your toes will all serve you well in this world. With these skills down pat, you’ll have a solid foundation in building a successful and flourishing team.

    How to start

    1. Choose your game and pick a name

    One of the most crucial choices to make when you’re first beginning is choosing your game. Sticking to one will allow you to thoroughly focus on managing and succeeding in the one you choose. Putting your eggs in too many baskets likely won’t get you far and usually equals a lesser quality team. Once you get this team solidified, you can then choose to branch out if you please. However, try to stick to just one initially.

    Are you confused about which game to choose from? Pick the game you know most about and what you’re best at yourself. Once you have the game, you’ll then want a name. Now, this part’s pretty easy. Choose what rings true for you and your teammates and get it registered. Also, don’t feel that you need to stick to this name forever (many teams will rebrand down the line). Create a website and simple logo and you’ll be on your way to success.

    2. Select a coach

    Selecting a leader or coach for your team (whether it’s yourself or a highly trusted friend) is another top priority in your initial steps. The coach’s duty should be to keep the players in top-notch shape. This means coming up with new strategies, working closely with players, acting as a mentor, and addressing any issues. They should be particularly useful around tournament days but should also be present during training.

    3. Recruit

    Now comes the more difficult process. Recruitment. The website that you design should contain a contact form for tryouts with bullet points with your goals. Making these tryouts live will ensure that you’re not getting duped by recruits. Having tryouts on your website may not be enough, however. Conventions, events, and competitions are excellent places to find new players. Make sure to stay patient as this process can take months.

    4. Set up your technology

    Perhaps one of the most important steps in the process; making sure you have the right setup. Whether it’s gaming computers and consoles, a monitor screen, a mouse or controller, headsets, proper WiFi, or memory cards, you’ll be unable to start playing until you’re set up. You can either rely on the team’s hardware, find a local gaming center, or fund everything yourself. No option is necessarily better than the other but it will entirely depend on your personal financial situation.

    5. Promote, promote, promote

    Once you’ve gotten to the point where you’re seeing growth within your team, the time will come where you’ll need to promote yourselves. Whether it’s creating a fanbase or scouting sponsors. Social media will be your friend here. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitch, and Youtube are the platforms that will help you get your brand out to the masses. Additionally, creating custom eSports team t-shirts for fans, friends, and family will help promote your new team.

    “ESports, it’s in the game”

    Starting an eSports team isn’t necessarily a walk in the park, especially if you want to go big with it. However, it’s more than possible! It undoubtedly takes motivation, dedication, and commitment if you want to succeed. The basic steps of choosing your poison (your game), picking a leader, recruiting your players, getting your setup right, and promoting wisely will get you on your way to victory.

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