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  • Influencer Merch Ideas

    Influencer Merch Ideas

    Are you an influencer looking to grow your brand? If so, you might be looking for merchandise that you can sell to consumers for that extra revenue and marketing. However, choosing the correct ‘merch’ isn’t always as easy and straightforward as picking whatever you like. It is important that the merch your brand provides is relevant to your target market and something that they can attach value to. Influencer merch can increase personal brand recognition, supply your target market with unique products, and of course, provide you with extra income.

    Influencer Merch Ideas

    There are hundreds of ways to design custom merchandise for your followers. Influencer merch can be as easy as choosing any product and putting a brand or name on it. For a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing, below is a list of different items as well as who they would be relevant to in specific target markets.


    Clothing items are one of the most effective types of influencer merch. Fans have always been keen on the idea of promoting their love for an influencer or brand using clothing. In fact, clothing can help make your followers feel like they are part of a bigger message. However, it’s important to remember that there are other influencers and brands doing the same thing. Therefore, you will need to design clothing that will stand out and get the message across.

    The two most common clothing items for merch are shirts and baseball caps. Nonetheless, there are also other items like socks (which are more discreet), bandanas, hoodies/sweatshirts, patches for clothing, and beanies. The strength of your brand or influencer will determine the price that consumers are willing to pay, as will the industry.

    Printed Material

    Another way to create low-cost influencer merchandise for a wider range of the target market is printed material. This can be items such as posters, notebooks, or even lyric books (for influencers that are singers). This type of merchandise is great for consumers because they are a cost-effective way to join a community. This type of influencer merch is good for influencers that are role models in any field, but not the greatest option for brands trying to increase brand awareness.

    Nick Nacks

    Other merch items influencers should consider selling are products that can be taken anywhere and used in different convenient situations. For example, an item like a bottle opener with the influencer logo or name branded on it. A bottle opener can also be used as a magnet on the fridge. Although it might not always be seen, when consumers use the product and see the influencer, it will create repetition. In turn, there is a heightened awareness of the brand. Another good example of this type of merch is things like keyrings, custom mugs, and even phone cases. Nick nacks are great for influencers wanting to retain and grow their brand within the community.

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