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  • Marketing Tips For Your Custom Design Shirts

    marketing tips

    There are plenty of marketing tips to consider for your business. However, custom design shirts are one of the best marketing opportunities for a business or brand on the way up.

    Shirts never fall out of fashion. Secondly, the shirts are durable. Finally, shirts are a representation of your business or brand that serves as constant advertising for years after their first print run.

    Marketing Tips For Your Custom Design Shirts

    These days, custom shirts are also one of the easiest elements to introduce to your brand. This is thanks to print-on-demand companies who handle most of the printing and shipping requirements on your behalf.

    Choosing custom shirts can be one of the smartest marketing moves that cost your business the least money.

    Here are some effective marketing tips for your custom design t-shirts – and how to make sure they make a great impact.

    Choose the Best POD Partner

    Without mentioning who they are, it can be said that there are many great international and local print-on-demand companies who deal with shirts.

    Essentials like shirt sourcing, printing, and final shipping all get handled by a print-on-demand provider while the company (yours) benefits from it. Usually, a POD partner will charge a percentage for their work in the partnership – however, not all POD companies are the same.

    Choose the best print-on-demand partner that offers the best benefits and the best service.

    Double-Check Design Copyright

    Design copyright is one of the first things you should be aware of if you would like to launch a series of custom shirts for your business or brand.

    In this case, don’t pull images straight off the internet. Copyright clashes are likely. To clarify, you’re looking at the potential of lawsuits (and doing over artists) with internet images.

    Instead, hire a professional designer.

    Professional Logo Design (Goes a Long Way)

    Professional logo design goes a long way. Even if you just have an idea (and especially if you don’t), getting a professional designer to come up with the right design for your business or brand is the best way to approach it.

    This way, chances of copyright clashes with existing designs are less and designers can use their professional eye to find a design that suits you best.

    Choose Eye-Catching Colors

    When it comes to custom shirts, choose colors that work the best for your business or brand – and colors that make for the most common ones out there.

    If you would like to release a line of customized shirts, then it won’t help to release them in blue if nobody wants to wear them.

    There are colors that work and colors that don’t. This can depend on the design and logo that you’re using for the shirt, too.

    See why you could use the advice and marketing tips of a professional first?

    Availability in Several Sizes

    Does your print-on-demand company make the shirts available in several sizes – or can you cater to different size needs for the event where shirts might be handed out?

    Availability in several sizes is one of the most important factors for a successful marketing campaign. This ensures that you cover a greater scope of different consumers who might wear the shirt with your logo or branding on it later.

    Do You Ship?

    Many shirt marketing campaigns have seen shipping become their greatest obstacle. Campaigns restricted to one area might be missing one of the biggest elements of successful marketing: Reach.

    Are you able to provide shipping options for your promotional or custom shirts to people in most world countries who would like one? If the answer is no, navigate to some of the steps mentioned earlier in this article and consider another print-on-demand partner who can better cater to your needs (and subsequently extend the reach of your campaign).

    Share Contests

    We’re in the age where anything can go viral.

    Share contests are one of the best possible ways to showcase your custom shirts to consumers without having to shell out more on a marketing campaign.

    Share campaigns and contests provide shirts as an initiative for sharing posts on social media. It makes sure that your brand gets around.

    Free Giveaways

    Another way to see your shirts go further is through free giveaways.

    Who doesn’t like free stuff?

    Shirts are a great initiative to get customers to hear about your brand and find their way to a website – and people’s drive to get a free shirt might just be how they find their way to yours.

    Retro Shirtz Custom Bulk T-Shirts Printing near Regency inside Westroads Mall in Omaha

    At Retro Shirtz we understand the importance of logo design. So we provide free graphic design, including free logo design with all standard custom shirt orders.

    Our free graphic design services include:

    • suggesting and implementing fonts
    • changing the colors and layout of the fonts, and our team’s excellent skills at creating custom image assets.

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