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  • The Most Popular Memes in Nebraska

    The Most Popular Memes in Nebraska

    Almost every time Omaha gets mentioned in the media, you can expect to see a follow-up mention of the investor Warren Buffett. However, this doesn’t mean that he’s the most famous or popular thing you can find in the area of Nebraska. Nebraska is a unique place, and there are some things that you will only encounter in this part of the country. Heck, you almost have to be local to laugh. Here’s your hilarious, local guide to some of the most popular memes in Nebraska and about Nebraska.

    The Most Popular Memes in Nebraska

    Top SearchedMemes in Nebraska 2022

    • Birthday
    • Happiness
    • Spongebob
    • Friday
    • Crying
    • Megamind 2010 film
    • Soundboard
    • Slapping
    • Bugs Bunny
    • Gacha game

    The Skateboarding Professor

    The Skateboarding Professor is a meme that first became famous in April 2012. A picture of a professor on a skateboard went viral after being posted on Reddit, as skateboards and professors aren’t normally associated with each other. The professor was later identified as Dr. Thomas Winter from the University of Nebraska Lincoln.

    When asked about the meme, Winter’s response was simple, “this is just how I prefer to get around.”

    Although the Skateboarding Professor is a meme that’s about 10 years old, it still makes the rounds as one of the most popular Nebraska-related memes on the internet.

    Bro Tried to Sneak Into Nebraska

    This sneaky Nebraska meme first originated when a user posted a video describing hot tourist destinations like New York, California, and… Nebraska.

    If you have ever lived in Nebraska, then you’ll know that it’s not known as the hottest 2022 tourist destination. While there are plenty of visitors to Nebraska every year, it almost seems like the inclusion of Nebraska was done to sneak it into the post.

    Reddit users were quick to point out that one of these things doesn’t belong here, and that Nebraska must have been snuck in.

    The phrase stuck, and it’s one of the most popular Nebraska memes on the internet today.

    Cool Girl Callie

    The Cool Girl Callie meme is one of the most famous Nebraska memes. Like most memes out there it’s something that happened by accident. The Cool Girl Callie image stayed pretty low-key until the subject of the meme saw herself and went to local Omaha news.

    Once the news reported on the meme, it had the opposite effect of what the subject might have wanted – and the meme’s popularity shot up almost overnight to make Nebraska famous again.

    T-Mobile Coverage

    If you browse through Reddit often enough, then you can expect to see more than a handful of Nebraska memes too.

    One of the most popular Nebraska-related memes to be found on Reddit right now is a clever stab at the T-Mobile coverage anyone can expect to get when they’re in Nebraska.

    It’s one of those clever memes that you might only come to laugh at if you have ever yelled “can you hear me now?” into a phone.

    Nebraska from memes

    More Nebraska Memes

    Do you need more memes that speak to your inner Nebraskan?

    Some of the best Nebraska memes can be found just by going through Pinterest. Many great memes about things only locals will find funny can be found on Pinterest. You can even add some to your own board.

    More Nebraska memes can be found on the website ifunny.co, with everything you might want to see already tagged under the “Nebraska” meme.

    Meme Generators

    Got a great idea that could turn into a meme about Nebraska?

    The internet has many meme generators that you can use to let your sense of humor out of the box. Upload your own image, or caption a great Nebraska snapshot that someone else uploaded before you.

    Try some of these free online meme generators and let your creativity work its Nebraska magic:





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