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  • Need Ideas for Bowling Team T-Shirts?

    Need Ideas for Bowling Team T-Shirts?

    Is there any more iconic fashion symbol than bowling team T-shirts? Even if you don’t bowl, you might have one of these garments in your closet. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, a competitive player, or a part-time casual who enjoys the game from time to time, you need a bowling shirt for the lanes.

    Need Ideas for Bowling Team T-Shirts?

    Design Features of Bowling Shirts

    Bowling shirts have design elements that separate them from all sports garments. Some of the design factors influencing bowling team T-shirts include the following:

    Breathable Fabrics – Bowling might seem like a low-pace activity, but it’s physically demanding. So, you’ll need a shirt with breathable fabrics to prevent yourself from becoming a sweaty mess.

    Collars – A classic bowling shirt design features a pointed collar, presenting a professional look. They often feature invisible manufacturing technology to ensure they lay flat.

    Button-Ups – Bowling shirts usually have a button-up front, giving you a sophisticated look.

    Fit – You’ll need a comfortable, loose fit to ensure you get a full range of motion in your shoulder jois when bowling. It should be form-fitting and have plenty of stretch.

    Unique Design & Prints – Anything goes with bowling shirt designs. From loud colors and vibrant prints to clean, formal designs, there are dozens of ideas for your bowling shirt design.

    Bowling Team T-Shirt Styles & Designs

    Bowling shirts, also known as camp shirts, league shirts, bowling jerseys, and team shirts. The design features we discussed above make them unique to other shirts.

    They can be highly personalized garments featuring the names of the bowler, their team logo, or other innovative prints. Personalizing the shirt gives your team a visual consistency when you’re playing for fun or competitively.

    Ideas for Bowling T-Shirt Designs

    We’ve discussed the design elements of bowling shirts; now it’s time to look at some designs. There are dozens of designs available, but we took the top five to give you an idea of what you need to look at and how it fits into your bowling.

    #1 Retro Two-Tone Bowling Shirts

    The iconic era of 1950s bowling put the sport on the map. The classic two-tone bowling shirt design is a favorite and has a retro vibe everyone enjoys. You can use a classic black-and-white color or mix things with vibrant hues. The retro-two-tone bowling shirt usually features contrasting colors on the collar, sleeves, and pocket, creating a striking impression.

    #2 Vintage Rockabilly Bowling Shirts

    These shirts are a must-have design for the vintage lover. They have a classic cut and retro look, making them a real head-turner at the lanes. Go for the traditional black and white colors, or add a splash of color to create a modern look.

    #3 Amusing Bowling Shirts

    Most of the time, people are out to have a good time on the lanes with their friends. Creating a funny design for your bowling shirt keeps the mood light and entertaining.

    #4 Pin Design Bowling Shirts

    The goal of bowling is to get a strike with every roll. Show your passion for the great game by adding a pin design to your bowling shirt. Go with an image of a single pin, a bowling ball striking the pins, or ten standing pins.

    #5 Create a Custom Bowling Shirt

    If you can’t find a bowling shirt design that suits your needs, why not create your own? You have options to select your fabrics, colors, and design elements. Print shirts for your team or solo days at the lanes; whatever you want, it’s available.

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