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  • Does Omaha Have a Good Music Scene?

    Does Omaha Have a Good Music Scene?

    It was author Lailah Gifty Akita who said, “music keeps the soul alive”, and we couldn’t agree more with that statement. Turns out, the people of Omaha feel the same way, too! Though it’s probably unexpected by many, Omaha isn’t just a sleepy little midwestern town that so many people envision it to be. Instead, Omaha, which has been dubbed “the gateway to the west”, is filled with a rich cultural heritage, and sitting right in the middle of that heritage is a vibrant music scene.

    Does Omaha Have a Good Music Scene?

    Music has long had a significant and diverse influence on Omaha’s culture. Past contributors to the city’s music scene include being the center of a booming African American music scene back in the 1920s. In more recent times, Omaha has come to be known as the home of indie rock’s “Omaha Sound. Omaha is also the birthplace of Terry Lewis, one of the pop music industry’s most successful producers of all time.

    The Dreamland Ballroom

    Situated on the second floor of the Jewell Building in Northern Omaha, the iconic Dreamland Ballroom opened its doors for business in 1923. It didn’t take long for the ballroom to establish itself as the premier nightclub for jazz music and big bands in the Midwestern city.

    The original Nat King Cole Trio performed at The Dreamland Ballroom, as well as some of the most renowned blues, jazz, and swing performers in history, such as Duke Ellington, Dinah Washington, and Louise Armstrong.

    Today, the Jewell Building has been renovated and serves as an apartment building and office space. However, you can just feel the soul of the musicians and the tunes they played when you walk past the building.

    Omaha Concert Venues

    Omaha is home to two landmark concert venues, including the Orpheum Theater and the Holland Performing Arts Center. Both venues are home to many unique events and performances all year long.

    The CHI Health Center, situated in Downtown Omaha, hosts numerous sporting events, concerts, and more throughout the year. The Sokol Auditorium, as well as its sister facility, the Sokol Underground, have been deemed hotspots for concerts in Omaha.

    In recent years, there’s been a huge increase in indie music venues in Omaha. Several venues that host indie bands have popped up, including The Waiting Room Lounge, the Mosaic, and Rock ‘N’ Jocks.

    In Omaha’s Benson area, you’ll find numerous live music venues, such as The Barley Street Tavern, which has a reputation for being the bar that has the best acoustics for live performances in the city thanks to its “double barrel” layout. 402, which is also located in the Benson area, is a popular venue for live music and hosts several performers.

    There are numerous other small concert venues throughout the city, as well as coffee shops that are home to live music performances. Here, musicians who are just dipping their feet in the water can perform for the public.

    Take a look at upcoming concerts in Omaha and buy tickets here.

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