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  • Popular Halloween Costumes 2018

    popular halloween costumes

    October is here, there’s no turning back from sweaters, pumpkin-flavored everything, and the best fashion holiday: Halloween.  So what will everyone be dressing up as next month? Here is a list of popular halloween costumes for kids and adults in 2018.

    Popular Halloween Costumes for Kids

    Halloween is all about the costumes, and more importantly ones for kids. From witches, vampires and puppies the ideas are endless when it comes to dressing up your children, and let’s face it they can be a bit overwhelming trying to decide. With a bunch of blockbuster movies this past year, most of the popular costumes feature some of your favorite movie characters, but we’ve also rounded up some perennial favorites for when you want to stray from mainstream.

    Popular Halloween Costumes for Adults

    Topping the list is Tonya Harding, surely thanks to Margot Robbie’s much-buzzed-about role in the film I, Tonya. Pinterest has seen a 720% increase in searches for the ice skating icon, and Lyst data shows skater skirts and bejewelled leotards have been trending worldwide this year.

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