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  • How to Promote Your Brand on St. Patrick’s Day: Custom Shirts

    Promote Your Brand on St. Patrick's Day

    Brand promotion is one of the most important things any company, brand or influencer needs to do in order to get more people to know about them and what they have to offer. Even the most successful companies in the world dedicate a huge chunk of their yearly earnings to promoting their brand around popular holidays like St. Patrick’s Day. Even when they might be well-known, this is how they manage to stay at the top.

    Many brands take advantage of the holiday season by using the theme of the season to push their brand in creative ways. This can be combined with brand promotion and custom shirts in order to create one of the best promotional ideas of the entire year.

    How to Promote Your Brand on St. Patrick’s Day: Custom Shirts

    Here’s how to promote your brand on holidays like St. Patrick’s Day using custom shirts – and why you should be.

    Why Shirts Are Great Promotion

    Shirts are a practical item that most people will get to use often. Things like key rings get lost, but people can carry around well-made clothing for decades – and if it has your logo on it or an eye-catching slogan, this means that it’s a positive promotion for your brand.

    Shirts also happen to be cheap to produce and easy to ship, especially if you sign up to the best print-on-demand provider in order to do it.

    Overall, this means that shirts are one of the most practical and long-lasting promotional items you can choose to offer your customers.

    Everywhere the clothing pops up, like a St. Patrick’s Day Parade, it means another potential customer has spotted your name, logo or brand.

    The Power of (Holiday) Association

    The soda-megalith Coca-Cola Corporation took full advantage of the hype surrounding Christmas and has been associating the drink with Christmas-time promotions in many parts of the world to the point where the association is almost natural.

    Associating your brand with the right holiday can mean that customers remain brand loyal as they are to the holiday itself. That’s a pretty powerful promotional force.

    St. Patrick’s Day – Or One of the Most Powerful Days of the Year

    St. Patrick’s Day might be a holiday originating from Ireland, but these days it gets celebrated all over the world: From Australia through to the United States. It has come to symbolize different things to everyone who celebrates it – but overall, it means people getting together and spending time with family or friends.

    Taking proper advantage of St. Patrick’s Day can mean that your brand shares this powerful association. Furthermore, making the right shirt with the right eye-catching theme can also mean that a lot more people get to see your brand at the right time.

    The Theme of Green

    Any custom shirts that bring the theme of green into the mix can work great for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and getting awareness of your logo or brand out there at the same time. Green is the color of St. Patrick’s Day – but there are many shades of green that can be used for the right effect, and you could even temporarily adapt your logo to a special green-shaded, themed spin on the usual to fit the theme.

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