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    Generation Z is the label given to people born in the late 1990s and early 2010s, the under 25 age group. This generation is the largest generation and is considered to be more frugal, financially stable, body-positive, and more health-conscious than previous generations. Gen Z has developed an affinity for all things retrospective ranging from fashion to accessories to furniture and homes. Retro fashion is a style that imitates styles from the past.

    Retro Fashion Gen Z Loves

    Origins of Retro Fashion

    Retro fashion goes back to the days of flared or bell-bottomed jeans, corsets, baggy jeans, jerseys, second-hand clothing, and maxi skirts. Retro fashion is something of a tribute to somewhat outlandish designers like Vivien Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier who dominated the eighties. It is a cross between a revival of Y2K fashions and the easy-going pseudo elegance of the nineties.


    It has been suggested that the booming interest in vintage clothing and used clothing is a response to our endangered environment. The result of these conditions has seen a rise in sustainable shopping. There is a socially romantic notion that Gen Zeders are nostalgic for what they perceive as simpler times and yearn for a retro fashion trend revival.

    Gen Z appears to want to shy away from the new and fast-paced lifestyle and is slowing down to enjoy the world. This generation is mindful of the global mess of mass production, saving the planet and their cash one purchase at a time. Many would agree that this age group, born into a digital world, is craving more hands-on experiences like their parents and grandparents got to experience. Whatever the rationale, it appears Gen Z is canceling the reign of skinny jeans and low-rise flared pants and jeans.

    What’s Hot

    Back in fashion are tie-dye prints, platform shoes, skinny baguette bags, and coach swinger bags. Then there are skinny sunglasses, cow-printed bucket hats, and cow-printed wide jeans, and slip dresses. Tie and scarf print, backless cami-tops with matching bandanas are also back in vogue, as well as halter cami-tops. Jeans are now wide-legged or incredibly flared. Jeans with a double roll-up on the leg bottom are trending again. There are satin cowl neck mid slip vintage dresses and the Cher Reformation dress. For the more casual longline, oversized T-shirts, long and short-sleeved, hoodies, and oversized Boyfriend jerseys are all the rage. Along with these are plain white platform sandals and sneakers.


    Each generation likes to think it is different. When it comes to fashion though it would seem that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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