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  • Running Out of Elf on the Shelf Ideas?

    Running Out of Elf on the Shelf Ideas?

    Elf on the Shelf is a Christmas tradition that many families get right into over the holidays. Although it falls in the category of a modern festivity that has only been around since about 2005. Many households have been inspired by the Elf on a Shelf children’s book, created by Carol V Aebersold.

    The tradition dictates that the “elf on a shelf” is pictured doing something uncharacteristic, mischievous, or funny – and the ideas can come from anywhere. Ideas range from family-friendly for certain households to risque ones for others. Are you running out of Elf on-the-shelf ideas? Keep reading to discover easy Elf on the Shelf ideas to use this holiday season.

    Running Out of Elf on the Shelf Ideas?

    Here are some great ideas with elves on shelves incorporated into the décor, perfect for a fun and festive holiday season.

    Elf on a Shelf Halloween

    For some households, Halloween is for the whole year. If you’re a household that loves to combine several holidays, combine the tradition of the shelved elf with Halloween. Dress up the character in fun costumes that can include Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger with a Christmassy hat.

    The fun thing about this tradition is that it goes as far as your imagination!

    Oreos for Your Elf

    Oreos are something fun and edible, therefore they can easily be arranged around the elf for December snacking. Who knew those elves had such great taste in snacks?

    If someone in the family has a favorite snack, you can incorporate this into your elf-on-a-shelf idea.

    Elf on a Shelf with Coffee or Coco

    Single-serve coffee is a thing that perks up many mornings, and all it takes is the addition of some water. Why not arrange some coffee around the elf so you can just grab your fix for the day?

    Enjoy some coffee (or hot chocolate) with your fun, new holiday tradition.

    Elf on a Shelf with Friends

    These days the tradition has become so popular that it’s not just the first book in the series anymore. The elf has several friends that many don’t know are part of the story.

    Have a party with several elves as a Christmas display, or incorporate some of his friends (like the fox) into your Christmas elf-on-a-shelf show.

     Stop Motion Animation

    Want the elves to do something extra fun? Apps with stop motion capture can help you to create a moving video of your elf having fun. Keep it as a Christmas card, or post it to social media for friends and family to see.

    Stop motion gives you that great animation feel. It’s easy to create with the help of modern technology and some creativity.

    Did you say Vodka?

    Is everyone in the house of drinking age? That being said, The Elf on a Shelf can be incorporated with boozed-up chocolates – or single-serving shots. What if the elf on a shelf could let his or her inhibitions go for a night? This can be a lot of fun for some households – and leads to some entertaining moments!

    Mischievous Elf

    The little elf on a shelf from the North Pole doesn’t always have to behave.  Be creative and position your elf in several “naughty” situations, including stealing something from another elf or overusing the bubble bath.

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