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    Omaha Custom T-Shirts Design Idea

    The first part of a good t-shirt design starts with an idea.

    Your shirt idea can come from many different places…

    Bringing in a Graphic Design

    provided t-shirt design
    You may provide an existing t-shirt graphic design. Provided file quality is very important for quality t-shirt printing.

    Make sure that your design was created in one of our preferred design formats. Vector or .psd sized to 300 dpi are ideal.

    Bringing in an Concept or Draft

    t-shirt ideaOur print shop is capable of creating custom shirt designs from a wide range of sources:
    • Rough ideas that you are having trouble putting into design.

    Your personal photographs used to recreate your old t-shirts.
    • Stills, photos, custom t-shirts from movies, magazines, internet websites, or even random people on the street.
    • Images of a discontinued or out-of-print custom t-shirts
    • Design your own shirt and bring in the sketch, rough draft, or home-made illustrations
    • Recreation of designs from online t-shirt creation programs

    Recreation of Existing or Old Shirts

    recreate t-shirt
    We are experts at recreating existing shirts. Maybe a favorite old shirt is falling apart, or you need a single shirt of an existing current design.

    Our graphic designers can provide high-end, detailed t-shirt design by recreating virtually any design. Very complex designs may be subject to additional charges.

    Let us make a Brand New T-Shirt Design

    Our shop specializes in taking your basic ideas and words, and turning them into high-end t-shirt graphic designs.
    We can create custom t-shirts designs for businesses, schools, sports, birthdays, funerals, races, just-for-fun, and much much more.

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    A Store to Design Shirts?

    Every custom t-shirts design starts with a visit to our store-front at Westroads Mall in Omaha, NE. Please see our location page for directions to our store. We do not design custom shirts over the phone, by email, or online at this time.

    Retro Shirtz - A Custom T-shirt design storeThe entire store-front counter area is organized as a cashier area, and a graphic design studio. Our store contains high-end upgraded IMac computers equipped with the latest Adobe graphics software, including Photoshop and Illustrator.

    T-Shirt Store DesignAll of our staff go through a lengthy training period where they are taught our graphics programs, as well as fonts, typography, colors, and layout. We also have a large font list poster to choose your perfect shirt design font.

    Our front room also contains 30 IPads embedded into our wall. Each IPad contains thousands of pre-made shirt designs. These IPads act the same way as a restaurant menu. Simply find a cool shirt, pick a shirt color, decide on a shirt size, and then order at the front counter. All of our pre-made shirts are on sale for the low price of $15.

    All of our front room is designed to provide the best environment possible for customers to easily and quickly design and purchase custom t-shirts. Stop by today and let us make your next cool custom shirts design in Omaha!

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    Design Your Own Shirt

    Once inside our store, you will be paired up with a graphic designer. There is sometimes a brief wait, similar to a restaurant. We are first-come first serve too.

    Design Your Own Custom Shirts PhotoWhen you are ready to design your own shirts, our staff member will offer a brief consultation. During this consultation, you will have the opportunity to explain your design concept and the idea for your t-shirts, including shirt color, design style, and design color-scheme.

    After our graphic designer has established the rough idea for your shirts, they will begin the custom t-shirt design process. This typically includes suggesting specific fonts, design styles, and placing graphics into the design. You are more than welcome to offer your own insight and ideas during the design.

    The entire process is very fast – usually 15 minutes of less. During busy periods, we strictly enforce a time limit on t-shirt design. Please see our print times page for more information.

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    Design T-Shirts with Photos

    smart phone pictureOur graphic designers can use most photo formats to place your photographs onto custom shirts. We print in full color, and there are no extra charges for the photograph, basic photo editing and cropping, or even adding text.

    Digital Photos on Shirts
    We can easily print your photographs on a t-shirt. Our designers can use photos from your smart phone though text messaging or even social media sites like Facebook or Instagram

    Scanned Photos on Shirts
    We can use our high resolution scanner to scan your pre-existing photo prints. Be aware that poor quality photographcs will result in blurry shirt prints.

    Photo T-ShirtsMemorial Shirts
    Our graphic designers can assist you in the creation of memorial shirts for your loved ones. We can easily design t-shirts with custom words, picture frames, borders, and of course, full color photos. Please see our bulk shirt prices page for information on larger orders.

    Pets on Shirts
    Have you ever wanted a picture of your favorite pet on a shirt?
    At Retro Shirtz, we can take your favorite photos and print them directly onto our shirts! Our staff will happily design design custom t-shirts that perfectly showcase your favorite pet.

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