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  • Team T-Shirt Ideas

    Team T-Shirt Ideas

    Spring is just around the corner which means more time outside with your co-workers, staff members, or teammates. Even companies that work outdoors such as contractors, gardeners, and landscapers are getting ready for the warmer weather. With a season of change upon us, it makes sense to upgrade your custom gear for the new year. If you are looking to replace worn-out uniforms for your local sports team or even offer a new line of corporate gear, now is the perfect time to consider new designs and team t-shirt ideas.

    Team T-Shirt Ideas

    How To Create A New T-Shirt Design

    Saying you need a new design for your t-shirt is easy. On the other hand, actually creating one is where the hard work comes in. Thankfully, we have a few suggestions to help you get started. The first thing you need to do is think about your niche and what you want to accomplish with your t-shirts. Are you looking to create a cohesive uniform for your employees or do you want to use the shirts to get your name out there? Team building is important in the workplace and on the playing field. Matching shirts have the ability to instantly create that sense of unity.

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    After you identify your goals, it is time to look for inspiration. If you already have a logo, that is a great starting point. Think about things that matter to your sports team, company, or group, and then build on the design from there. Make sure to keep your ideas current and look for trends that will engage your team and those viewing the t-shirts. If you are stuck for ideas, perhaps our next section will jumpstart your creative juices.

    Retail T-Shirt Ideas

    T-shirts are a great way to boost brand awareness and also create a good sense of team spirit for retail locations of all sizes. Whether you have three employees or 300, team t-shirts are a great way to promote your brand and boost employee loyalty at the same time.

    A great idea for retail t-shirts is the store or company logo emblazoned across the shoulders in a creative font. If you have a more trendy location, consider a paintbrush or graffiti-style print on the back of every t-shirt. For more conservative locations, consider adding the store logo along with the mascot of your retail chain to the front, with each staff member’s name on the back.

    Sports Team T-Shirt Ideas

    Sports team t-shirts are pretty easy to create. Simply take your mascot or team name and put it into creative situations. For teams featuring younger kids, cartoon imagery or even contrast clip art is a trendy option. For the older crowd, consider putting the team logo on a darker color fabric with hand-drawn details instead of colorful motifs.

    Corporate T-Shirt Ideas

    One of the biggest challenges when creating corporate t-shirts is getting people who are used to wearing suits to wear them. Flashy imagery is out of the question, so are bold coloring and meme-style prints. Instead, creating t-shirts that fit in with the theme of the company with a bit of seasonal flair will have a higher chance of success.

    The best ideas for corporate t-shirts are ones that use images to tell the story. If your company is the pride of the city, consider a print of the local map and highlights paired with the company name. If your company has a high focus on getting results, consider focusing on a message that says you get things done like a signed contract or deal approval stamp on the back of the shirt.

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