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  • Virtual Holiday Party Ideas

    virtual holiday party

    With the pandemic in full swing, most gatherings have been put on hold in the interest of public safety. Just because you can’t meet up in person doesn’t mean that you still can’t host a rocking virtual holiday party.

    Virtual Holiday Party Ideas

    Online meeting applications and virtual rooms have made online parties not only possible but common. If you are new to virtual events or if you just need some ideas for your next virtual shindig, we can help. Here are our top virtual party ideas for all occasions.

    Virtual Holiday Spooky Fest

    Halloween is just around the corner and while trick-or-treating might be out, spooky events are still very much in season. Consider decorating a room in your home full of spooky decor and other aesthetic details. Invite your friends or family to dress up in their Halloween costumes and join you online. Make it a costume contest for the best aesthetic, spookiest outfit, or most believable outfit. Whatever you had planned for the regular holiday, simply do it online. Add a bowl of your favorite candy along with a spooky drink and you have an online event that the whole family can enjoy in safety.

    Virtual Holiday Thanksgiving Bash

    Hosting big family meals is a tradition in most households, but with social distancing and travel restrictions in place, it isn’t possible. Instead of canceling your event this year, simply scale it down for your immediate family and set up video monitors for everyone else to tune in online. It’s the season to be thankful and being separated by a screen should not put a damper on the festivities. Ask your loved ones to set up monitors on their end so everyone can enjoy a nice meal and conversation from the comfort of their own home for the holiday.

    Virtual Holiday Christmas Party

    Christmas is a big deal for most people and it can be heartbreaking if you can’t spend it with the ones you love. Instead, set up a schedule for online events that bring the whole family together virtually. Consider opening gifts on screen with each other or even singing songs and other holiday pastimes. No matter how far apart you may be, Christmas doesn’t have to be a lonely affair. Make sure to dress up and decorate your background to really bring out the holiday spirit online and in your own home.

    Virtual Holiday New Years Eve Countdown

    New years eve is one of the most anticipated events of the year. Instead of traveling to a party spot, create a countdown in your own home. Decorate your home with holiday cheer and dress up in your best party outfit to greet the new year. Considered a themed backdrop an online counter so that you and your attendees can ring in the new year together. Don’t forget to have your own bottle of bubbly on ice to toast goodbye to 2020 and welcome a new and improved 2021. There are even games and banners that you can add to most online meeting apps to make your party pop like it would in person.

    Online Birthday or Office Holiday Party

    Holiday parties are limited to being held at home. Many offices have canceled their holiday parties and even birthdays have been put on hold. Instead of canceling, you can take the festivities online instead. Hire a DJ or an online performer to entertain your guest for the event. Make sure that everyone follows the dress code and be sure to have a schedule of events to keep everyone interested. Partying online has never been more exciting with all the new features offered by most online meeting providers.

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