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  • Virtual Ugly Sweater Party Ideas

    virtual ugly sweater party

    With the holidays upon us, everyone is gearing up to give and receive gifts from friends and family. No matter how many people you may know, chances are you will get at least one ugly sweater during the holidays. This happens so often that ugly sweater parties have now become a traditional hit. Instead of tossing or re-gifting that unattractive sweater you got last year, you can wear it to your next ugly sweater Christmas party event. This year, you might even have an opportunity to wear it during a virtual ugly sweater party.

    Ugly Sweaters Christmas: Virtual Ugly Sweater Party Ideas

    Among the many changes that this year brought, office and family parties are being celebrated with most being hosted online. Thankfully, you can still host a virtual holiday party online with our fun ideas.

    Send Out Ugly Sweater Invitations

    In a time where people are no longer face to face, more attention can be placed on other things, such as invitations. Skip out on the simple email link invite and create a custom evite to send to your guest. There are a lot of sites that offer pre-made and customizable online invitations both for free or for a small cost. Make them quirky, fun, and festive before hitting send. When it comes to ugly sweaters the design is supposed to be bright and funky, so let your imagination run wild. Make sure that you also include the time, link to your event, and the dress code. If you have other instructions or need an RSVP, make sure to include that information as well.

    Use A Solid Video Conference Platform

    Zoom is the most popular application for online meetings and parties but there are a lot more out there. Some platforms allow you to invite as many people as you like while others have limits. Some have certain meeting time limits while others have games and other features you can add to the room. Just make sure that you choose a platform that will work for your party and the number of people you plan to invite. Not every platform is free so make sure that your guest is able to pay a fee if you choose a pay per part platform.

    Virtual Ugly Sweater Competition

    The point of an ugly sweater party is to show off your hideous apparel. Since you won’t be meeting in person, why not make the centerpiece a competition. Have your guests go head to head online when they arrive at your virtual event. The person who gets the most votes for the outrageous sweaters can win a prize. This may be a virtual gift card, a gift basket, or any other attractive prize. This will get your guest excited to attend and interact during your virtual event. You can allow attendees to craft their own garments or even limit them to those received as gifts. Just remember to keep it light and fun so that everyone has a good time.

    Decorate Your Background

    In virtual holiday parties, it can be harder to get into the festive spirit when you are sitting in a plain room. Consider asking everyone to create a nice background that fits the theme of your party. This will allow everyone to get in the mood and feel as if they are all in one place during your ugly sweater virtual party. Some platforms also allow you to use a video background or a frame around the camera image which can further add style to your online party.

    Host Some Digital Games

    The sweaters are the focus, but that can only take you so far. Consider hosting some games or guided discussion during your party to keep everyone engaged. If it is a work party, you can even plan online team-building exercises too!

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