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  • Ways to Come Up with Custom T-Shirt Design Ideas

    Custom T-Shirt Design Ideas

    Branded T-shirts make for one of the best and most effective ways to promote your business or brand. But the question of how to come up with custom T-shirt design ideas that are eye-catching enough for people to actually buy and wear is one of the first ones that you should ask if you’re choosing custom shirts as your promotional venue.

    Ways to Come Up with Custom T-Shirt Design Ideas

    Getting starting with a blank slate can be difficult. Here are five easy ways to come up with custom T-shirt designs.

    Look at Your Logo

    If you’re already an established business or brand with a corporate logo, you can use it for some inspiration. Let it inspire a design that ends up on your shirt. If you don’t want to reuse your corporate logo and need something that’s more original, you can draw some inspiration from your logo and use the color palate or outward design.

    Consider Current Trends

    Current trends can tell you a lot about what people are wearing and what fashion choices are going to be a hit or miss. Sometimes long sleeves are in fashion and other times things like golf shirts or formal shirts take over. Consider what’s trendy in terms of fashion, color, music, style and subculture to find the best ways to approach your shirt design for the best possible effect.

    Draw a Few

    Need to come up with a design? One of the most effective ways is to jump straight into the deep end and begin brainstorming until you’ve tracked down the right idea. Firstly, Start with a pen and paper and draw – draw what you think works, draw what you don’t think works, come up with a few design suggestions and look at them again later.

    Computer Aided Design

    Drawing with a traditional pen and paper isn’t meant for everyone. If you struggle to get ideas flowing in this way, open up some chosen image software and come up with a design like this. Sometimes, the more visual aspect of being able to stretch, enlarge, brighten and otherwise change the image is a huge help for anyone trying to come up with a new idea.

    Consider Color Palates

    Color palates are effective for telling you which colors go well with which other shades. There’s a reason why red is often used as a very effective (though a little aggressive) marketing tactic that almost always ensures people end up buying the product. Use color palates for your branding to make sure they’re as eye-catching as you need them to be.

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