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  • What Can I Do to Memorialize a Loved One?

    Memorialize a Loved One

    To memorialize means to commemorate, and preserve the memory of a loved one. All things have their time. There is a time for grieving, a time for commemorating, and a time for celebrating. There are several ways to preserve the memory of our departed, some serious and some less so. The idea of memorializing is about celebrating someone’s life and character. A picture paints a thousand words, so one way to honor someone is to have a picture of them on a T-shirt. If that person had a favorite saying, that can be written under their photo. Here are some other unique ways to memorialize and celebrate a loved one’s life.

    What Can I Do to Memorialize a Loved One?

    Write a Letter/Poem

    Depending on the closeness of your relationship, writing a letter can help keep the memories and feelings alive. The letter can be deeply personal and private, or it can be more open and read out as a eulogy. You can then keep the letter in an envelope and sit in a discreet place at home.

    Compose a Song 

    This is a great way to involve friends or family members and is a happy way to commemorate a person’s life. One way of doing this is to borrow the tune of a song and have each person write a verse or a couple of lines. Everybody can get together to sing the song at a memorial or church service. For longevity and posterity, it can be recorded and made into a community remembrance, with everyone participating, wearing commemorative shirts.

    Create a Living Memorial

    A wonderful resting place for a commemorative video is a website or a Facebook page dedicated to the memory of your loved one. Another idea is to start a community newsletter. Local businesses could advertise and the proceeds donated to a cause your loved one supported. Both a page and a newsletter are great ways to involve younger people in the community. A Facebook page could also act as a living journal or diary, with community members sharing their stories, thoughts, and prayers.

    Place/Plant a Memory

    Another living memorial idea is to plant a tree, shrub, or garden in the community. You might also consider placing a bench at a church, at a local park, or at any other place your loved one enjoyed visiting. However, before planting or placing anything, get permission from the building owners. A tree could become a gathering point for special occasions and can even be dressed up for the dearly beloved’s birthday or their favorite national holiday.

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