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  • What is Discharge Printing?

    What is Discharge Printing?

    If you’re just exploring the art of screen printing in Omaha, you’re going to hear a lot of different terms. Many of those terms refer to techniques used in the industry. Discharge printing is one of those terms. It describes another method for creating custom T-shirt designs.

    Discharge Printing in Omaha, NE Defined

    Discharge printing involves the use of discharge ink; a water based ink. The specialty ink helps to deactivate dyes that are applied to natural fabrics. In other words, instead of adding color to the fabric, discharge ink removes the colors, leaving a print behind. It’s kind of like bleaching; however, it doesn’t degrade the fibers of the fabric like bleach does. The result? A super soft print that shows the weave of the fabric.

    Discharge ink printing can be used alone to create designs. It can also be use as an underbase to lighten darker fabrics, and then other inks would be applied on top of it. Pigments can also be added to discharge ink.

    The Benefits of Discharge Printing in Omaha

    The discharge printing method offers several benefits. It creates a super cool effect, as it removes the pigments of the fabric, creating a natural looking image that lies flat on the material; the image looks as if it’s a part of the fabric. Another benefit of using discharge ink: you can hardly feel the print! Instead, the image feels as smooth as the rest of the fabric.
    Discharge printing yields the best results on dark colored fabrics. It doesn’t require the use of an underbase, a process that can be difficult to perfect. Additionally, the colors that are applied with discharged inks are quite vibrant; in fact, they’re more vivid than any color you would achieve with an underbase.

    Should You Discharge Print?

    Absolutely! If you want to create cool designs that look and feel natural, then you should definitely try your hand at discharge printing.

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