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  • What Should You Wear on the First Day of School?

    What Should You Wear on the First Day of School?

    Are you preparing for your first day of school? Choosing what to wear for the first day of school can be a tough decision. In this article, we explore school dress code policies and help you plan the perfect outfit so you can feel confident on your first day of school.

    What Should You Wear on the First Day of School?

    Check with your school on the dress code policy before picking out your first day of school outfit. Wearing unacceptable attire could land you with a dress code violation, and that’s not a great way to start off the new school year.

    Common dress code policies for school districts prohibit students from wearing clothing with offensive graphics or language, designs that promote drug use or violence, or revealing clothing. Some schools also have policies on haircuts, jewelry, and shoes.

    Tips to Dress Appropriately for School

    Practical & Comfortable Clothing

    What is the weather going to look like? Planning your outfit around the weather is a great way to make sure you are comfortable all day. If you’re expecting afternoon showers, take a raincoat with you. Wear synthetic fabrics or cotton garments that feel light and airy if it’s hot out.

    Comfortable Footwear

    You’ll be doing plenty of walking between classes and during breaks. So, your shoes should be comfortable. Sneakers are a great choice, but flats and loafers are also a good call if you want something more formal.

    The key to comfortable shoes is to ensure your toes have enough room at the front and the heel doesn’t rub on your skin. If you wear sandals on a summer day, ensure they have good arch support and sturdy soles. Avoid flip-flops as they can slip and cause falls or sprained ankles during P.E. or recess.

    Layer for Changes in Temperature

    Temperatures can vary during the school day. If it’s cold outside, consider layering your clothing if you expect the temperature to warm up in the afternoon. A cardigan, light jacket, or vest is a good layering choice to keep you warm on a cold morning.

    Avoid Distracting Outfits

    School dress code policies often forbid students from wearing distracting clothing. It’s hard for students to pay attention in class if they’re gushing over their fellow students’ outfits.

    Refrain from wearing outfits that are too casual. Also, avoid wearing revealing clothing – or the school might send you home to change. Not only will this not make a good impression on your first day of class, but it would also be quite embarrassing.

    If your school is more lenient on dress code, choose clothing that accentuates your personal style. There’s no need to dress up like you’re going to a party.

    Prepare Your Outfit the Night Before

    It’s a good idea to prepare your school outfit the night before the first day of school. By prepping at night, you won’t be digging in the laundry or the back of your closet to find something to wear in the morning.

    You don’t want to feel stressed in the morning. By preparing the night before you will be able to dress to impress and also get to school on time.

    Are you still struggling with what to wear for the first day of school? Go with your favorite comfortable and stylish outfit. Take the time to iron your shirt the night before to look well put together.

    Follow these tips, and you’re on your way to a great first day of school. Good luck!

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